[23] Daily3D #287(9) Potion

#287 – Magic Potion

Procedural tarnishing on the gold trim. Glass shader for glass & potion. Made good use of the shrinkwrap modifier to make the gold ribbons.

4 thoughts on “[23] Daily3D #287(9) Potion”

    1. If I remember this correctly; I used the screw modifier to make 2 spiral strips positioned outside the bottle then I applied them to get a mesh. I then edited this mesh to assign the vertices on the outer faces to one vertex group and the rest to another group. Finally I used 2 shrinkwrap modifiers on the bottle to shrink the strip mesh to the bottle surface. One modifier was applied to the outer faces group only, and one to the inner group only. The outer group modifier with a larger offset. This let me preserve the cross-section of the strips.

    1. Quite so, I’m using Blender. I don’t know 3DS Max well, I’m afraid I don’t know how to recreate the effect there.

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